Intel Fellow Zdravko Boos talks about “Challenges of the next Wireless Communication System – 5G”

zdravko-boos_1In course of the “Forum Technik” lecture series at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Mr. Zdravko Boos gave a presentation about “Challenges of next Wireless Communication – 5G” on 12th May 2016.s

Zdravko Boos is an Intel Fellow and an expert in Radio Smartphone System Engineering for the Platform Engineering Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for the development of advanced digital cellular transceiver concepts suitable for System-on-Chip (SoC) integration. In his lecture he presented the technical challenges of next 5th generation wireless standard for an audiance of 50+ people, based on different transmitter architectures and compensation strategies to achieve the very high performance requirements.

Also because of the close cooperation between the Josef Ressel Center Interact and Intel Cooperation it was a big pleasure to welcome Mr. Boos for his excellent presentation. He gave a perfect overview of circuit design challenges we will have to research and solve within next years.