Interact intermediate review

On  28th of January 2016 the intermediate review meeting of our Josef Ressel Center “Interact” was organized at the Fachhochschule Kärtnen in Villach.

An important milestone of a Josef Ressel Center is a mandatory review after 2 years. The center review consists of a report summarizing the scientific results of the first 2 years, which is also evaluated by an international reviewer and the Josef Ressel senat of the Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (CDG). In addition a review meeting together with the international reviewer and representatives of the Christian Doppler senat is to be organized, to present the scientific results. Dependent on the review results, the continuation of the Josef Ressel Center for 3 more years will be decided.

While the scientifc report was already delivered in December 2015, the review meeting was scheduled for 28th of January 2016, chaired by the reviewer Dr. Stefan Mangold. As representatives from the CDG, Ms. DI. Angelika Hanley and  Prof. Hartmut Kahlert  attended the meeting.  There we had the chance to present the research results of the first 2 years with 5 scientific presentations:

  • Suchendranath Popuri: “Tunable Low Noise Amplifier for Multi-Band Receivers”
  • Ajinkya Kale: “Sub-Sampling Discrete Time Mixer”
  • Johannes Sturm: “RMS RF Power Detector and Current Feedback Opamp”
  • Graciele Batistell: “Impedance Matching Network in SOI Technology”
  • Timo Holzmann: “System-in-Package Matching Network Integration”

Overall the team gave a very good and professional overview on the Interact research topics and results.  Also DI Peter Pessl and Dr. Gerhard Knoblinger from the industry partner Intel Austria GmbH. explained the cooperation from companies point of view. We are very happy, that the feedback of the reviewer was really positive. He emphasized the high quality of scientific results and the excellent cooperation with the company partners. Even there is no final decision from the CDG yet, we are quite optimistic to continue with Interact as planned.

20160128_141632    20160128_141715